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Dive into the blue – explore Belizeans amazing underwater world


Our dive masters and instructors hold PADI affiliations, ensuring that they teach and dive in accordance with PADI standards. When enrolling in a course with us, we highly recommend completing the theoretical/knowledge part at home through e-learning. This approach allows you to utilize your vacation time in Hopkins for practical aspects, such as refreshing your scuba knowledge with the instructor, addressing questions, and preparing for the required dives to advance further.

PADI maintains a record of each course you undertake, accessible to our instructors at any time. Our commitment is to update the system with the progress you make, ensuring a seamless and efficient learning experience.

Our Team 

Our Dive Masters and Instructors collectively have more than 7000 logged dives and have certified over 500 Dives. They will take care of you and teach you far beyond the standards of diving. Before your first dive they will talk with you about your dive experiences and skills. All of them are dedicated divers and Dive Masters who’s first priority is always your safety and happiness.

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Numerous atolls, including the Lighthouse Atoll, are designated as protected Marine Reserves, showcasing Belize's unwavering dedication to conservation and maintaining the reef system in a pristine condition. An enchanting underwater realm adorned with vibrant coral formations, sponges, sea fans, and a diverse array of both small and large marine creatures eagerly awaits your exploration.

Whether you are a novice embarking on a Discover Scuba Diving Course or a certified scuba diver seeking to revel in the underwater wonders, Belize Unknown and its dedicated team are committed to ensuring your dive experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Dive Vessel

Our Pelican Dive Vessel, measuring 38 feet, offers comfortable accommodation for up to 14 divers and guides.

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