Cynthia M. Manning - Expedition Leader Lindblad - Expeditions & National Geographics

I first met Arthur Westby in 2004-2005 when traveling in Belize on a small expedition ship that came for the winter season.


We were in need of someone who knew the area, and Arthur was the recommended person. Incredibly helpful, he made the expeditions a success due to his knowledge of the region, the islands, the people and his navigational skills among the many channels and narrow waterways. He also had a good sense of the needs for a true "expedition" voyage.


I came back in 2017 and 2018 again on an expedition ship, and Arthur was once again the person best prepared to help us with itineraries and contacts, from agencies to locals in the smaller coastal towns. There seemed to be nothing Arthur could not help with, and was prepared to do to make the expeditions a success. Belize can have unexpected weather fronts come in, and so being able to think quickly, find alternative plans and make them a reality, is just one of Arthur's many specialties.


Hours on the bridge, working closely with the officers; thank you Arthur! Looking forward to coming back and working with you again.