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Review of Belize Unknown by Rina Jean Bindi

Arthur and his Belize tour adventures are educational, FUN, and worth every moment!

Family on tour with Belize Unknown tour company

His team is flexible with schedules and individual needs. We hired them for a personalized tour that was not currently offered on their site. And another tour which was! (Go see the butterflies and do the chocolate experience! Awesome for younger kids especially!)

Our Belize Unknown tour guide of the Mayan Ruins was EPIC knowledgeable, and more than we could’ve imagined.

Their cave tour guide has been doing this for many years and made our tubing adventure engaging, educating, and he even supported my 70 year old mom by carrying her inter tube to the location. Truly a gentleman and fun adventurist wrapped into one!

My entire experience of Belize Unknown’s team was more than desirable to share about! They are all authentic, reliable, resourceful, friendly, and professional tour guides. Arthur had full price transparency with me the entire way as well, which I appreciated due to us having an exceptionally large group of 10-11 people on every tour.

Oh yes! NICE touring vehicle with air conditioning!!! Definitely a peek having a clean, beautiful, reliable vehicle to get around in!

I had called multiple other tour spots and spoken with the main contact person. I’m glad I went with Belize unknown for sure! (Especially after going in the trips and seeing some of the other companies there as well.)

Thank you Arthur

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